Thursday, 24 October 2013

FW Heresy Era Mechanicum Magos

Absolutely awesome model, very detailed but be aware getting the large resin gate from the back of the trailing edge should be done with a cutting disc or saw as side cutters will very likely break something, like it did on mine *sigh* and also one of the 'vanes' on the rad cleaner barrel was so thin it actually snapped off during drybrushing....think i may just make another from green stuff as the original was an extremely thin piece of resin.

Other than these minor mishaps, a pleasure to assemble, not too much cleaning of mould lines to be done, just a bit here and there then glued to the base and ready for undercoat.

I chose my usual black spray undercoat, as a large proportion of this model will be metallic of various types, with the robes being the largest chunk of non-metallic (red of course) colour.

As the metallic area's are in the majority I started here by drybrushing them all with Tin Bitz (Warplock Bronze) then a wash of Devlan Mud (Agrax Earthshade). Once dried I followed this up by drybrushing with Boltgun Metal (Leadbelcher) this results in a quite nice brushed steel look I think.

The robes were then base coated in Scab Red (Khorne Red), given a heavy wash of Devlan Mud (Agrax Earthshade) and once dried raised areas were picked back out in Scab Red (Khorne Red)

**Seriously GW, who the hell thought up these new names??

Here's some early pics I took at around about this stage.

Back again!!

So life's been a bit hectic again recently so until now haven't had any time for modelling/painting sadly, however that's all changed, and everything's settled down a load and I have time to do stuff again!!

That being said, I have gotten myself four new kits to be working on and as I work on them i'll be posting pics and explanations of how I modelled & painted them in varying degrees of detail.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Soul Grinder

I got this model the day they were released as tbh I think its pretty awesome and totally embodies the fusion of daemon & machine typical of the Dark Mechanicus, and after spending a fair bit of time on it, it's 99.9% finished (always something you can touchup or make 'better' heh)

Overall i'm very happy with the end result (bit fed up of red paint tho lol), and is a signifigant improvement over my last miniature i'd say. Next I have an old limited edition Games Day (1999) Space Marine Captain & a box of Bloodletters to keep me going, however i'm still deciding which larger model to start next.....Tyrgon maybe ;)

Anyways enough rambling, here's the pics :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

1st Miniature Painted in a long time...

Well heres some pics of the 1st miniature i've painted in years, a Daemon Prince by Games Workshop™, a very nice model, I enjoyed painting this tho I know I can do better, more to come though soon.